Market Model is the solution for cross-functional charging of electric vehicles. The core of this solution is a European clearing house system (eCHS), with the purpose to exchange roaming authorisation, charge transaction and charge point information data.

By making use of this clearing house, the complexity of relationships can be reduced, from many partner connections to a single connection with the clearing house. Due to the open architecture, enables partnership setup flexibility.
Participants of benefi t from one interface, while keeping the freedom of choice in partners and services.

The market demand does not stop at the interoperable access to charging stations. generally makes interoperability easy, flexible and scalable. The system offers - in addition to the exchange of charge transactions - numerous added-value services, such as integration with geo-navigation systems, and is aiming to provide further services such as reservations of charging stations from an intelligent vehicle, etc.


In short, is a solution to exchange roaming authorisation, charge transaction and charge point information data.

E-mobility introduces an entire set of new services, coming from existing and/or new market players. With the increase of the number of parties that have a role in providing and servicing of charging and the increase in transactions (charge-actions) there exists a growing demand for these transactions to be handled in an automated way. In order to function, at least one two-way interface between each market player is needed, leading to a vast amount of non-standardised interfaces.

For this reason, Blue Corner (Belgium) (Germany) and e-laad foundation (Netherlands) created

Already today, customers of any of the three organisations can charge at the other side of the border. This means that a cross-border network of more than 5.000 charging points (exact number to be determined) is already operational today. This also means that every subscriber of Blue Corner, ladenetz and e-laad can charge their electric car across national borders.

Protocol is an open platform. A new open protocol - OCHP (Open Clearinghouse Protocol) - is designed to give parties the opportunity to use their own systems to connect to

The effort to connect to is thus limited to merely implementing and OCHP interface on its own system.

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Minded is initiated by the European E-mobility Network.
European E-mobility Network is an international organisation that accelerates electric mobility across borders. The Network has been founded to support electric mobility, especially electric vehicle interoperability within Europe

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> 12th May 2014: E.ON, Vattenfall, T-Systems and Mitsubishi to join

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